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He might've been on the weed or even LSD...

but if he was, I couldn't tell.

21 May 1988
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"And that's the spirit of Penny Lane. She's not in a crumpled heap by the side of the road. She's more rock than the band, and that was always the point. There's a scene in the director's cut of Almost Famous where Billy Crudup talks about, 'When you get a little bit of success, your career becomes about maintaining the lifestyle.' So many of those guys trail off into the world of lifestyle maintenance. And who's left knowing what it's truely about?"

I know the answer: "The girl on the side of the stage!" Cameron smiles, "Exactly. That girl. She is still there. And she'll always be there. I wanted the whole movie to be about that feeling, and the celebration of that feeling. The girl off to the side of the stage is the keeper of the flame." -- Let's Spend the Night Together, Miss Pamela Des Barres

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